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Using PowerDNS as internal resolver

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Setting up DNS for an internal network can be a bit daunting; To be able to resolve records within your internal zone you will need to configure your computers to use your internal DNS server as resolver but this means it will also need a way to resolve names out on the internet. This means you need to setup an authoritative server as wel as a recursor.

In PowerDNS 4.1 recursion was removed from the authoritative server which means you’ll have to have an authoritative server as well as a recursor. Both can’t be listening on port 53 so how do you go about setting this up? and how would you go about managing your internal zones without having to go into the database and use insert queries?

Managing your records becomes really easy with PowerDNS-Admin, a web based management tool. I’ll describe the installation in a separate post.
To setup an authoritative server with recursing capabilities, also referred to as Split Horizon DNS, we can use DNSDist, a load balancer for DNS. DNSDist also gives us a lot of flexibility to forward queries for certain zones to specific name servers, for instance in a situation where you have multiple office locations interconnected via VPN, each with their own DNS servers.

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